Thessaloniki Free Short Festival

Who we are

Thessaloniki Free Short Festival

Thessaloniki Free Short Festival is a Free Short Film Festival for filmmakers all over the world with a Live Event every year.

It's Free to submit. We accept short films up to 40 minutes that were shot from 2020 onwards.

Our 1st Season (2021) was a success with 240 submissions from almost 40 Countries.

Summer Edition 2021 was also a success with 110 submissions from 35 Countries.

1st Thessaloniki Free Short Festival *Live Event* September 17th at the Rooftop of Eterotopia, Thessaloniki, Greece, 8pm.

Live Screenings Event was a success. More than 100 people were in the open air cinema of Eterotopia to see the live screenings Event and Award Ceremony to some of the Directors of the Greek competition program. It was so important to us and the city of Thessaloniki that *Live Events* can still exist during these difficult times with covid-19 pandemic.

Season 2 (2022) was a success with 3200 submissions from 115 countries.

2nd Thessaloniki Free Short Festival *Live Screenings Event*, September 26th at WE (Thessaloniki).

3rd Season: Thessaloniki Free Short Festival from its third season changes its characteristics and acquires an identity. It is becoming a festival that is mainly addressed to new filmmakers from all over the world, with a focus on student films and Greek filmmakers.

From this year, there are 7 competitive categories at the festival

1. Best International Student Short Film (Student ID is required)

2. Best International First-time Short Film (First Short Film for the Director of the submitted short film. Not a student Short Film).

3. Best International super-short Film (Under 5 minutes short films of any kind)

4. Best Greek Short Film (Greek production short film from 2020 onwards)

5. Best Greek Student Short Film (Student ID is required)

6. Best International under 18 Short Film (Short films made by under 18 years old filmmakers. Also school projects made by group of under 18 students are accepted).

7. Best International Special Short Film (Short Films that present issues about people who experience social racism on a daily basis, such as the lgbtq community, racial segregation, people with disabilities, mental health, bullying etc.)

Winners, Nominees and Official Selections would be announced on our Instagram and Facebook page

ig: thessalonikifreeshortfestival

facebook: Thessaloniki Free Short Festival

Awards & Prizes

Laurels will be given to Official Selection Short Films,

Laurels will be given to Finalists and Nominated Short Films

Laurels and Certifications will be given to Winners

Rules & Terms

You agree that all rights of your film belongs to you.

All films must have English subtitles or be in English.

Films from 2020 onwards.

Short Films that took part in the 1st and 2d edition of the festival can not participate again in the 3rd edition.

Up to 3 Short Films for each submitter.

Please choose 1 Category.

Student ID for Student categories.

Festival can use photos and trailer of your Short Film for promotional purposes of the festival (social medial etc.).

Submissions only at FilmFreeway not via email.






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